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Easy Steps to Daily Market Your Product and Services


Contents to Market Your Product


  • Schedule Social Media Posts Market Your Product
  • Direct Link to Your Product
  • Email Marketing
  • Blog


  • Facebook Group Posts
  • Job Boards Hiring
  • Social Media Hiring
  • Instagram Community
  • Youtube Community
  • Pinterest The Nice Things
  • Post Work on Online Portfolio Communities
  • Join Forums
  • Cold Email

These are our day-to-day marketing strategies for our business which offers services and sells products for children. This has been the strategy for almost a decade of research and study, that’s why it is a secret but is now revealed to Market Your Product And Services!

Here, we will be sharing the basic, and advanced marketing strategies that worked for us. The basic marketing strategies will be the easiest you can do right now, while the advanced marketing techniques will require more of your time and understanding of the latest news, customer service, marketing, and advertising, and your specific niche.

This blog expects that you are already set up with your product, or service. This means that you already have a Facebook page, Instagram, LinkedIn profile, and the likes. There must be a way for people to contact you online, like a phone number, email address, or especially a website. It is also important to understand netiquette before you post anything irrelevant. So be mindful of what you post, and don’t make it sound like you’re a robot, a simple copy-paste, or irrelevant to a link you’re sharing or where you post. Understand the need, and post accordingly. The best format for posts will be:

Relevant topic discussed or wittily written + image/link or URL/video + ways to contact you + relevant hashtags

Basic Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Schedule Social Media Posts

We use Buffer, Crowdfire, or Hootsuite to schedule posts on all our social media channels. These apps are for scheduling posts on social media. They have free and premium subscriptions, and we use them for free. Sometimes it is best to just schedule posts directly from one social media channel to optimize the available tools. For example, buffer only allows up to 3 social media accounts linked to it for scheduling, and every account is limited to scheduling only up to 10 posts. Some tools that are needed are not always available compared to using directly on social media sites. What’s important is that you sit down for a moment and schedule all your posts. This will help you with your work schedule.

Direct Link to Your Product

Aside from scheduling posts on social media channels about your campaign, it is also best practice to post a link to your source of income every day. For us, we use the link from our shop or services, Fiverr, and Upwork, with relevant hashtags for the day so that we will remain active online, and very easy to search almost anywhere.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

I know this is by far difficult to do for us. We barely have email accounts subscribing to us, and we barely have content to share through the email channel. This is because most of our followers are on social media, and most of our content is free and open to the public. We are very accessible via our website. This is the reason why in some of our blogs, we require signups or becoming a member before people can view them. We then consider these blogs exclusive from our site. But then, through research, email is most preferred for loyal customers. There’s a huge chance your loyal subscribers will become repeat customers because of email marketing. So, get your pen and paper and start writing ideas to send via email. Good ones will be updates about the studio, discounts, new blogs, and more.


We have saved about 150 titles and ideas for blog posts that we’re to publish 2-4 times a week. A blog is a necessity on websites because the internet reads google via text, and not via face to face, or photos and videos. Even photos require an ALT text to be searchable. If you keep publishing and regularly doing so, your rank on search results will go higher and higher because you are covering more topics, and there are more words related to search results that can be found on your site. Write a blog today, and write blogs related to your niche or business. Don’t make it sound salesy, as always. But add your products and services from your blog.

Marketing techniques

Marketing techniques

Advanced Marketing Techniques

Facebook Group Posts

Find the best Facebook groups for your niche, and identify where your possible buyers or clients hang out most of the time. Join these groups, and then post regularly about what you do, your work, and how you can help them with their needs. The trick here is to try and help people, read the Facebook group rules, and give more than you get. Answer anyone’s question that may be related to your expertise, and regularly post something useful, and relevant to the group.

Job Boards Hiring

Job boards are here for a reason, these job boards are places online where recruiters, companies, and anyone requiring help for something hangs out. Use Facebook marketplace or jobs, and LinkedIn job searches to see the latest needs of people, companies, or recruiters in your industry. For freelancers, send your applications. Freelancing sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and more.

Answer them by applying or replying with what you can do for them. Some companies require full-time work, some are looking for contractors where you can offer them your services instead. It is okay to apply for full-time work, but you just need to explain your availability and the possibilities of your work. This way, your business will be exposed to companies or recruiters. Always share your website or portfolio link.

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Social Media Hiring

On social media, clients, recruiters, and buyers may also present their needs as job posts. Find these posts, or people and reply to them with what you can do to help. You can search for looking for, for hire, looking for an illustrator, and anything that’s related to your niche. Always share your portfolio link, or maybe a blog, and ways for you to be contacted.

Instagram Community

Instagram is a good place for artists, crafters, collectors, fashion enthusiasts, and anyone that’s easily captivated by visual beauty. Search a relevant hashtag, and like or reply to someone’s post with what you can do to help, or simply admire their work sincerely. This will help build your Instagram some honor, dignity, and integrity.

Youtube Community

If you have a youtube channel, or if you don’t yet, better make one now, even though you don’t do videos. Youtube is a big community, and it is easy to find topics from google to youtube since they’re the same company. Upload a video of your marketing or advertisement, or a video of what you do as a business, and what products you offer. Then, find related videos on youtube, and start commenting, or replying to comments. A good idea to respond to is those comments that are relevant, reply to them with your sincere comment, and introduce your business. Try to build a professional statement, that does not sound like marketing personnel. It is always important to remind ourselves to stay human, and not a robot, and to communicate with fellow humans professionally.

Pinterest The Nice Things

Pinterest is great for marketing. Actually, it is not just for images, but also for anything that looks good on your screen. Install the Pinterest plugin on your google chrome browser so that anything that interests your eyes, you can pin it on your board. Think of any ideas that are related to your business, and share them on your Pinterest! You’ll realize how much impression your pin is going to get! Always add hashtags, keywords, URLs, or links to redirect viewers and turn them into loyal followers or even buyers!

Post Work on Online Portfolio Communities

Portfolio communities that we always enjoy are:

  1. Behance
  2. Deviantart
  3. Artstation
  4. Dribbble

These portfolio communities help your work go out there! And you will also be inspired. Follow your desired artists and work, comment on their work, and admire their work. This will make you a good artist, you’re not in for competition but for empowerment. You will gain friends, and who knows they can refer you to new projects. Connect to as many artists as you can. But also, upload your best work.

Join Forums

Join online forums like Quora or Reddit and answer sincerely, all relevant questions or questions that relate to your products, services, or special skills. This is what business is all about, helping people solve their problems. You are the problem solver, your product or service solves someone else’s problem for a fee. Network with fellow professionals too, by simply replying to other answers that you agree with.

Cold Email

First, list all your possible buyers, or clients. Then start searching them online. Some of them will have websites, some are even companies with websites. Every website will have an email, start sending them emails offering your services, or products. This is what’s called cold email. But take note that is not just for email, but also even via social media. Just be professional and take good care of your response not to turn into spam.

You initiate the transaction. But because this is a cold email, you might be marked as spam if your email sounds weird, strange, or robotic. So make sure that you sound sincere, read a few of their websites or what they do, and mention these things in your email. Make sure your email is clean, professional, grammatical errors, etc. Don’t expect everyone to respond, there’s barely anyone to respond to this. But the best part only is that your site is now exposed, one or two might have clicked your site. Some might have even saved you to their notes for reference later. Some will reply to you kindly to decline, some will like to work with you!

There you have it everyone, our day-to-day marketing strategy. If you do these every day, although not everything, a few of them, you are guaranteed a response within a week!

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