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Design, Layout, Ready for Print 30-Page

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  • Do you want to make activity books for kids, or kids at heart, but need time to think and lay out your ideas?
  • You have photos you want to print into a custom photo album but don’t know where to start
  • You want to be productive but want a planner close to your heart but are not sure how to personalize it.

Just provide all the files below:

  • Script or ideas
  • Illustrations, photos
  • Cover Illustration
  • Photos

And I will do all the layout and design. Your design will be ready, and I can upload it to the printer where you can request to ship it to your location!

I can provide you with these formats:

  • PDF
  • Jpeg

We are a legal animation studio. Bemmygail Animation Studio is registered. We also pay taxes, and all our apps are paid and legal. We work professionally with all our services. We expect all customers to be professional as well.

Please browse the gigs, photos, and samples as well as the description first to understand our services. If anything is unclear, feel free to contact us.

PlayfulSparks Production Cover
PlayfulSparks Production BDP

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