Ecay And The Prince Paperback Christian Children’s Picture Book by Tina Diamond




There may be some uncertainties in life but responsibility and honor must not be taken for granted and time and distance cannot destroy trust and friendship.

Enjoy a Filipino-themed story of honor, and responsibility for a princess like you!

Original Story

For the first time ever, Tina Diamond released a Christian Children’s Picture Book. She’s been a Pastor for as long as she can remember. A friend to all, and a blessed storyteller, she cannot wait to share this beautiful story to all the princes and princesses!

Christian-themed Children’s Picture Book

This is a Christian-themed children’s book. The idea and the overall concept of the story are based on the Bible. Read the book to understand which chapter might have inspired the story!

Blessings For Your Kids!

Want to raise God-fearing, true Christian kids who will worship the Father for the rest of their lives? Then start giving them Christian books to read. This will be a blessing, not just to your kids but the whole family! Order a copy now!

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Size Chart

Book Size: 6.5x8.5" Cover Type: Glossy Total Pages: 50 Color: As seen in the photos Cover thickness: 180-250 GSM Interior thickness: 90-120 GSM