The Sea Witch Paper Doll: Enchanting Darkness from The Little Mermaid Collection



Dive into the mysterious and enchanting world of the Sea Witch with our captivating paper doll set from “The Little Mermaid” series. The Sea Witch, with her striking clothes, corsets, crowns, and iconic witch hat, brings a touch of dark magic to any collection. This set includes a variety of bewitching outfits and accessories, allowing for endless combinations and imaginative play.

Crafted on durable 176gsm white uncoated poster paper, each piece in this collection ensures vibrant colors and lasting quality, perfect for hours of creative storytelling and play. Whether you’re a fan of “The Little Mermaid” or a collector of enchanting paper dolls, the Sea Witch’s set offers the perfect blend of intrigue and durability.

Available in a convenient 8″ x 10″ vertical format, this set is ideal for creating magical underwater adventures or enhancing your collection with a touch of dark elegance. Sourced and made in the USA, it promises exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Bring the magic and enchanting darkness of the Sea Witch into your home today and let your imagination dive deep into the captivating world of “The Little Mermaid.”

  8″ x 10″ (Vertical)
Width, in 7.99
Height, in 10.00


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