Cinderella Paper Dolls Activity Playable Set Softcover Photo Book

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  • 5 Dolls, 1 Pet, over 40 Fashion Elements Unlimited Combination, Character Card Storytelling Activity, Bemmygail Animation Studio
  • This Bemmygail Animation Studio paper doll kit includes: 5 Character dolls with stands; 1 pet; over 40 fashion clothing elements; Unlimited combination; character cards, storytelling activities, bedroom in popups, doll house furniture, scoring, home decorations, currency, and paper money
  • Fun with Bemmygail Animation Studio dolls and activities. Create your own story — a great birthday party activity.
  • Perfect as Bemmygail Animation Studio party supplies.
  • Officially licensed Bemmygail Animation Studio toys and games products for kids and toddlers.

Welcome to the empire of paper toys made originally by Bemmygail for kids of all ages! Paper dolls and doll houses and rooms, only here on Bemmygail Animation Studio.

Enjoy this fabulous Cinderella playable set. You can have our beautiful and originally illustrated and designed Cinderella paper dolls, including the stepmother, stepsisters, and of course our Prince Charming! You’ll also be introduced to Cinderella’s pet named Benjamin with his doghouse. Included in this pack are Cinderella’s bed, character cards, and activities for kids to enjoy! Make sure to read the rules of playing to enjoy this Cinderella playable set experience with friends and loved ones!

This will be best for a family activity, without the need for gadgets, and kids can learn to make their own stories too!


A beautiful photo book with 30-200 inner pages. Perfect for any type of photo book such as travel, wedding, baby and any other occasion. – Price includes first 30 inner pages – Inner pages: 170 gsm / 65 lb – Inner page range: 30-200 – Inside cover is white – Front and back cover are printable Printed on demand. No minimum.

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