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Updated July 16, 2019

The following information is made by PlayfulSparks Production BDP. For every service you have booked, we consider it a “booked project” or a “project”. We believe that any project we do must be paid for. We do not cater to anyone looking for free work. We offer many creative services online available at https://www.playfulsparks.com/services


All our services require upfront payment unless you choose a plan that requires recurring weekly, or monthly payments. Only confirmed payments will be processed. We will only start the work for confirmed and fully paid (recurring or one-time upfront payment) bookings. We will email you for further details about the project once we received the confirmed payment. 


The reason you don’t like the work must be acceptable. That is why we require that you send your ideas, and specific instructions via email to make sure we get them perfect. You may send us as many references that resemble what you want exactly, or we may send you ideas and ask you for a decision. If there is nothing on your mind and wish us to decide for you, we will provide you up to 2 ideas, and you have to choose one or provide us with one before we proceed to work. If you don’t like any of the ideas, we will have to cancel the order without any refund. This way you may still find other studios to work with you. 

​We can only issue a full refund because of the following reasons:

  • We cannot do the work you request. No work has been done yet.
  • You canceled within 48 hours after booking.

We made all our services so affordable you can book as low as $6 for a sketch service. Because of this, you can simply book by milestone. This way you can ensure you are on the right track of your creative project.


On a very rare occasion, you might not like the final output created by our team. We provide fixed, up to 2, revisions for any service. We do not provide unlimited revisions for free.

​Acceptable requests of revisions include:

  • Minor adjustments like the color of ears and hair
  • Additional adjustments like hair, and tail
  • Overall, about 5% adjustments only

​Our default 2 revisions maximum per booked project can only be asked within the schedule.  If we cannot do your revision request within the schedule, we will send you an invoice of 20% (of the total booking cost) per revision and set another schedule for an appointment. We take time seriously. All confirmed communication will be sent via email.

If you are still not satisfied after multiple revisions, we will have to cancel your transaction without any refund. This way you may still find other studios to work with you.


​There are a few things to consider:

  • If you made a mistake and wish to cancel the booking, you may do so by contacting us via email within 48 hours after you booked. We will refund in full 100%. That being said, you can only book 48 hours in advance for all services.
  • Beyond 48 hours, if you still wish to cancel due to a change of mind, we do not provide a full refund anymore. Time is very important to us. Booking a schedule means that we must be working and getting paid during that time, if you haven’t booked it, someone else could have booked it instead of you. 
  • General misconduct, such as harassment, unlawful behavior, etc. No refund is given.
  • Booking cancellations, similar to Requesting Revisions for your booked project, will not be done based on personal taste. You send us your experience via email to help us improve our services. You can also share your experience by visiting our Facebook, google business, or yelp pages to leave your ratings.
  • Bookings are not eligible to be canceled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the studio if the service was rendered as described on our page www.playfulsparks.com. You may rate your experience with us on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.
  • Avoid filing a dispute with your payment provider for your orders, as this is not in compliance with our Terms of Service, which may also result in restricting your account (and all your activity with us including messages, file delivery, copyright) until those payments hold is cleared.


​Once you have the final output, we would love to showcase it for other potential clients by uploading it on our portfolio page. We’d appreciate it when you also credit us for the final work whenever you share it either for personal or commercial use.

But, if you require a Non-disclosure Agreement or work for hire forms, we are also fine to sign it. We just want to make sure that at all times, the following should be done:

  • Never to take the credit (ex. Considering yourself or someone else to have created the artwork)
  • Depending on the service you ordered, you may be allowed to sell the output commercially. 
  • Never reproduce to gain profit without booking a commercial license.


On a very rare occasion, we may miss your important deadline. If this happens, we will explain it to you via email. We can agree to continue the project or not. If we continue the project, we will move the schedule of appointments and notify you via email. If you wish to cancel, and work is already done, we will arrange for a refund of up to 50%. 

​We have not missed the deadline because:

  • We sent our final version of the project on or before the last day of the booked project.


We do not tolerate the following:

  • General misconduct, such as harassment, unlawful behavior, etc. 
  • The use of copyright/trademark infringing materials after verification and with proof. 
  • If you did not purchase commercial use rights and are reported to have used the materials commercially.

​The 3 issues mentioned above will cause us to cancel your bookings and any connection with you. You will be banned from our services and will be on our blocked list posted on our news page unless you pay the due (pay the damages and all other things we request).


​We reserve the right to decline any communication from new contacts with our personal reasons and opinions. We highly prefer detailed email communication, but voice or video call is also all right as long as it’s convenient. Just like any other shops and services, we have our business hours and standards we follow and we request that all customers will also follow.  


​We reserve the right to decline any orders or service requests that are beyond our capabilities, resources, and principles. These limits may change without prior notice. See the limits below:

​Services not mentioned from our services pages throughout the internet. Like:

  • Services that require tools that are beyond what’s available at hand and what we currently use. Like:
    • Music Production​
    • Studio Quality Voice Overs
    • Custom Framing
    • Custom Product
  • Principles that are against our belief or faith as Bible-Believing Christians. Like:
    • Nudity​
    • Profanity
    • LGBT
    • Adults-only Contents
  • Principles that are against our moral values as humans. Like:
    • Gory​
    • Violence

​With these limits mentioned, we are willing to refer you to the (If available) appropriate store, or artist to cater to your needs as quickly as we possibly can. 

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