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Bemmygail, the award-winning founder of PlayfulSparks Production BDP, is an accomplished animator and illustrator with over a decade of experience. As the CEO, she has collaborated with notable clients, including Blend Systems Inc., Wilhelmsen, and Johnson and Johnson. A devout Christian and current college-level educator in visual graphic design and animation, Bemmygail holds degrees in Multimedia, Game Design, Fine Arts Advertising, and more. Committed to spreading positivity, she uses her talents to create vibrant and joyful experiences, particularly for kids and families, emphasizing the impact of simple yet colorful visuals.

Drew David

Lead Illustrator

A devout Christian, Drew works with making sketches and character illustrations. Drew is an excellent artist and fun to be around! He has a lot of awesome ideas about boys wanting to be a superhero in a fantasy world.

Tina Diamond

Human Resources Consultant

An accomplished counselor who has helped a lot of people, Tina focuses on helping you pursue your passion and enjoy life as a child of God. She is a devout Christian and ready to share her stories to help you achieve your dreams!


Poonyapa Ngamkitticharoenkul


Hiyas Torres

Social Media Planner, Virtual Assistant

Madelyn Ursua

Marketing & SEO

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