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What Kids Should Watch this 2023?


5 Best YouTube Shows for Infants and Toddlers

Here are some recommendations for YouTube channels and shows for your kids this 2023!

1. Jack Hartmann Channel

It’s a music channel for kids, but not only is it a music channel; it’s an educational music channel. He mixes music and memory. He talks about history, math, science, etc.
He turns these topics into music and can help children learn without making them bored. He even does workout videos to inspire kids to exercise while learning

2. Kurzgesagt In a Nutshell

One of my favorite YouTube channels. It is a German-made animation and design company that Philipp Dettmer created. The studio’s minimalist animated educational video uses flat and 3D design styles on its YouTube channel. It covers topics in science, technology, politics, philosophy, and psychology. The videos on the channel are normally four to sixteen minutes long and are narrated by Steve Taylor. Since there are so many of them and it’s interesting to observe that there are many various sorts of ants on earth, my favorite films to watch are ant studies and space theories. To be more specific, they have really produced documentaries about space, some of which discuss hypotheses about how to reach Mars and convert it into a habitable planet, how to use black holes as energy, and various other theories. Additionally, the videos are animated and narrated in a style that makes them easy to follow, which is wonderful for viewers! This channel is excellent. Try watching one of its videos!

3. Veggie Tales

Children can watch and learn about the Bible from this engaging program.

4. Dora the Explorer,

Watch this on the Nick Jr channel. Dora the Explorer teaches kids about kindness, humility, and Spanish!

5. Octonauts!

It can educate kids to be kind, caring, and smart, and even identify the various species of sea animals in each episode, making it my favorite marine life program.

Top 6 Movies for Kids Below 13

1. Puss in Boots

It’s a good film. It has a good lesson in not being unafraid about life and always staying positive, as well as family and team friendship.

2. Shazam

Shazam! This movie is not only funny but also endearing to see the dedication of the main character to keep looking for his mother.

3. Black Adam

This movie has a good plot and a lot of action. If we take out the annoying kid, it’s already a 5-star for me.

4. The Lego Movie

I think I’ve seen it ten times. That’s a sign that it’s a delightful story.

5. Encanto

Of course, Encanto is a good movie, but seriously, the movie is all about family and not hiding secrets from each other. Or was it understanding one another? All I have to say is that I enjoy catchy songs.

6. The Mitchells vs. The Machines

This one is also good and would be fun to watch again; it’s a good moral story too. A story about a child and his father who reconciled their differences by saving the world. Pretty legit!

Kids thirteen and up can enjoy these 8movies

1. My Little Pony

The moral of My Little Pony – Friendship Is Magic! This is all positive and all about caring, loving, and having fun with friends. All rainbow stuff!

2. Kung Fu Panda The Paws of Destiny

It’s like a power ranger panda kid fighter with Po as their master.

3. Glitch Technicians

A delightful story, and gamers being power rangers is totally cool. I highly recommend this as a first watchfirst-watch.

4. Totally Spies!

– Yes, just yes.

5. The Octonauts

Again, it’s a good educational, and entertaining story with strong morals.

6. Sonic X

It is by far my favorite in the Sonic franchise.

7. DC Superhero Girls

High school girls turned into superheroes. It’s interestingly good. Don’t worry, there are also high school boys, but they are not in the main spotlight.

8. Batman The Lego Movie

Batman the Lego movie is also a good movie about working together, friendship, action, adventure, and fun. And yes, the smoldering intensity of our infamous Batman!

9. Skylanders Academy

I watched the whole story in the game, and it shows an exceptionally good story; in the show version, it’s good but not that good; it’s like in the middle, but still good.

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