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Mimai Mascot

Mimai Is Officially Ready for 2023!


Have you seen the first appearance of Mimai recently? She is ready to make you happy, and teach you some good things. Learn from Mimai and enjoy her company.

Here’s a teaser for you, Mimai has a friend and is about to show up soon too. Guess his name? He’s a little purple creature, and he is Mimai’s best friend.

See all the updates on social media sites. Merch is also ready for you to enjoy! It’s not just Mimai, but many more characters are coming our way.

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Who is Mimai, you say?

Well, she’s the official mascot of Bemmygail Animation Studio. She is a cute pink creature who wears the company’s logo. Do you wanna know her story? Find out soon. We’ll release a book about her too.

Another exciting news, we’ll make kpop paper dolls! Watch out for the announcement soon. You better subscribe to get the latest news. 🙂

There’s more to come!

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